Harvey Meller, BSC. LLB with an extended studies diploma in dance, practices primarily  commercial and entertainment law through his own corp. and in association with Vancouver business law boutique, Kerr Redekop & Leinburd.  He has completed the Canadian Securities course. He also ran two internet sales companies. 

Prior to practicing law he had a 15 year career as a well respected Vancouver-based modern dance choreographer. Harvey founded two dance companies, was the recipient of commissions from numerous established Canadian companies and the National Arts Centre of Canada, and had a national tour of his work in 1993-94.  Harvey is now a semi-avid curler, and a co-conspirator and moral advisor to his partner, playright/actor, Jenn Griffin.



Debora has worked with numerous Vancouver dance organizations such as DTRC, BBC, DanceHouse, MascallDance and in community outreach/PR contexts on behalf of the dance and arts community.  Presently she co-coordinates the Actsafe Dancer Health Task Force, provides media/PR for Caravan World Rhythms, and blogs weekly (The Friday Round Up / Dance House).  

She has worked with Latin American refugees, and women's groups in El Salvador. She still has five sons but no longer homeschools. She holds a Masters in Dance from NYU and continues to contemplate a move to warmer climates.



Co-owner, proprietress and hostess of Singinglands Ranch, Deadman Valley. Musician, newbie garlic farmer, new mom (these don’t necessarily go well together). Career forest project manager in BC and internationally; Homeowner, adventurer, schemer, aesthete, people-convener. Former Managing Director of MascallDance (2012/13); Board member since 2014.

Vision the size and scale of Jennifer’s requires support and collaboration and I am happy to offer these. The exchange and learning along the way are rich! Her productions and the dancer’s interpretations wow me. And as someone in the General Public category, I love the playful and thoughtful ways she invites us into the form.

vienna wong


Vienna is a 3rd year student at SFU and very excited to join the Board of Directors at MascallDance.


Director at Large

Karen is a writer, dancer, and educator. Her teaching experience includes twenty-six years in the Coquitlam School District, being a Faculty Associate at Simon Fraser University, and instructing in the Graduate Diploma program at Simon Fraser University. She has a PhD in Arts Education from Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on phenomenological investigations of bodily perceptions generated while dancing, dance and spirituality, dance history, and dance education. Her interests lie in promoting and implementing new ideas for education, the arts, and dance and dance education.


Director at Large

Natalka is an Architect and currently the Associate Director, Facilities Development, at the City of Vancouver.  In her position she is responsible, under the mandate of the City’s 4-year Capital Plan, for the delivery of a wide range of civic facilities ranging from solar-powered park washrooms through major municipal plazas and dense urban multi-use facilities.  Current projects are piloting aggressive leading-edge energy and GHG reduction strategies and technologies, targeting net zero carbon.  Natalka is experienced in design, contract and budget management, and keeping the big picture in perspective.  She has been interested and involved in the modern dance world since the early days of Contact Improvisation in 1970-80s Toronto.  This is Natalka's 7th year on the Board of Mascall Dance.