Photo credits: above: Yukiko Onley top: Sam Kim

Vancouver Dance Westend Contemporary Arts Experimental Performance SFU Downtown Professional Jennifer Mascall Dancing On The Edge Firehall

“Jennifer Mascall is nominally a choreographer, but she's also a poet of the ephemeral, a painter of possibilities.

A performance by MascallDance is at once conceptually stimulating and gloriously, joyously corporeal: what she does with her dancer's bodies incorporates physical theatre, kinetic sculpture, free-frame images of stunning poignancy, and seemingly impossible feats of grace.”

- Alex Varty


JENNIFER MASCALL is a Canadian choreographer, teacher, improviser, mentor and advocate for the art form.

She and her nearly 200 choreographies have received the Canada 125 Confederation Commemorative Medal, the Clifford E. Lee Choreographic Award, the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, a Dora Mavor Moore Award, a Jessie Richardson Award, the Ann O’Connor Award, International Woman’s Day Award, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Best Performers Award (The Brutal Telling), the F.A.N.S. Distinguished Artist Award, and an Isadora for outstanding contribution to dance in B.C.