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Jennifer Mascall is now distilling her 2018 production OW into a touring production. Her research into the connection of voice and body led to  OW (2018),  by turns loud, tender, explosive and hilarious. The upcoming Zaum focuses the massive energy of the original 18 member ensemble into the power of 8.   

 About OW:

Each night, the stage floods with movement and sound generated by an 18 member cast of vibrant emerging dancers combined with Vancouver’s outstanding Lara Barclay, Eowynn Enquist, Vanessa Goodman, Billy Marchenski, Molly McDermott, Anne Cooper, Eloi Homier and Walter Kubanek. 

The production’s libretto, constructed entirely of gibberish, emerged through close collaboration between Mascall and the dancers with experimental voice expert DB Boyko. Performing live, composer and violist Stefan Smulovitzperforms his original electronic score, while the audience sits high above the action. Shaw Festival costumier Christopher David Gauthier’s designs further heightened the experience.


From Isadora Award-winner Jennifer Mascall, a new choreographic work at the ignition point of dance and design. The Vancouver Sun hailed The Outliner’s 2016 premiere as “a glimpse into the fertile, iterative, gloriously unfinished practice of one of this town’s most unique creative forces.  A smash hit with Vancouver audiences, writer Peter Dickinson described the evening as “truly exceptional in its conceptual rigour and technical execution…a ride that the audience won’t soon forget!”  

Four dancers perform 10 solos from four choreographic decades offering glimpses of Mascall’s adventurous choreographic thinking over many years. MascallDance creates a suspended and magical kingdom inhabited by fantastical beings and unexpected events. Think Borges meets Bauhaus. Each choreography features a dancer wearing an architecturally devised costume: some appear like creatures, others contraptions. All are extensions of an idea of the body.  Stefan Smulovitz,  resident composer at MascallDance for the past six years, has created over ten compositions for the company. Here he creates accompanying scores for each solo. 


Jennifer Mascall’s The Three Cornered Hat is a study of the spaces in-between.  

Interconnected vignettes are stitched together by shifting sculptural worlds that the five performers construct from piles of red artists' notebooks and imbue with multi-layered meanings. Quirky, eccentric and humorous, the work challenges and toys with boundaries of engagement and participation in an intimate performance configuration offering audiences close proximity to the performers and a heightened sense of the work.  

The Georgia Straight calls  The Three Cornered Hat “hilarious, uncanny, and conceptually stimulating, …a sensory delight."

A performance ensemble of Vancouver’s finest - Lara Barclay, Amber Funk Barton, Darcy McMurray/ Dario Dinuzzi,  Billy Marchenski, and Chris Wright – gives a audacious, space-eating performance, galvanized multidisciplinary elements -- set design by architect Bill Pechet, video by Candelario Andrade, spoken work by poet Barbara Adler, lighting design by John Macfarlane. Long-time company associate Stefan Smulovitz provides an electroacoustic soundscape and constitutes a sixth ensemble member, performing live on viola.  


MascallDance’s BLOOM is an informal evening of dance, wine and comedy. Our choreographers in residence will be showing excerpts of their work in the early evening of two Tuesdays in July. Each dance is paired with a wine, and interpreted for the audience by a stand-up comedian.

The Evening: Spectators are invited to sip on a variety of carefully selected wines while taking in the 5-minute choreographic works-in-progress. Each dance is paired with a wine based on three adjectives the choreographer has chosen to describe their dance. After each piece, a comedian will wittily share their interpretation and experience with the audience. Speaking kindly and humorously to what may be passing through all of our minds.

The Series: BLOOM is a series of creation and performance brought to life by MascallDance. Through the mentorship of the company’s artistic director Jennifer Mascall, the choreographers are offered composition training, editing, feedback, and the use of the company’s beautiful West End studio. Over the course of two informal showings, the choreographers have the opportunity to share their work-in-progress for an audience with a welcoming cocktail-hour atmosphere.


The NIJINSKY GIBBER JAZZ CLUB is an improvisation research ensemble under the direction of Artistic Director/Choreographer Jennifer Mascall. The ensemble performs in improvised sets not necessarily set in time but framed by specific structures. Part of the improviser's sophistication is in knowing when an impulse, a movement, a whole piece is complete.

The dancers are accompanied by live DJs, musicians, or spoken word. Each time they return to the material, the environment they make is different - order, spacing, rhythm, tone is varied. The dancing becomes an expressionistic landscape and the choreography provides the world and the country.

The NIJINSKY GIBBER JAZZ CLUB thrives in unusual venues—bars, churches, streets, and other unexpected places. Sometimes it is the mood that can’t be shaken, sometimes it is the rhythm pattern, sometimes it is the relationship between dancers. Each new score, each new venue, each new dance is a form of public research where change thrives.

Coming soon:

The Duet - Dancers Billy Marchensky and Molly McDermott, created in collaboration with Jennifer Mascall


The Approach - 4 Choreographers use the same structure to create 4 different pieces. Set Design by Allan Storey, Choreography by Jennifer Mascall, Ame Henderson, Sarah Chase, and Justine Chambers




OW (DOTE) analyzes timing, accents and rhythms of the sounds that erupt from the body as expressions, building a libretto of repeatable human emotions. Exploration is physically challenging and unpredictable; what has emerged to date is fast, rhythmic, often wildly funny and noisy.

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In July 2016, audiences attending the premiere of The Outliner at MascallDance’s space on Jervis Street in Vancouver’s West End enter a huge formal performance environment with large, suspended white canvases, inhabited by fantastical beings and unexpected events.

Fluttering fans among the audience punctuate the darkness in summer heat. Silent attendants wait in the shadows to sporadically roll platforms of seated audience into different viewing positions as the evening unfolds, redefining and heightening the space and the audience’s perspective.

Solo dancers emerge - each wearing architecturally devised garb that is part costume, part contraption. All are an extension of an idea of the body. A partnership emerges between dancer and garment, tracing lines and volumes previously undelineated in space, rendering the invisible visible.