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July 8 - July 11, 2019 10-1PM Workshop

Wxmb Cxre is a somatic practice in breath, voice and movement founded by Be Heintzman Hope in the fall of 2013. This work stems from physical investigations into how the nervous system is controlled by the breath and how it can be soothed by the body to achieve inner and outer harmony. Techniques practiced under Wxmb Cxre centre an internal dialogue with ones own body that make space for gender fluid notions of birth. Allowing participants to see their movement as something larger than themselves without immediately identifying with it makes space for the senses. Moving away from fixed identity invites the idea of giving birth to oneself many times over. Wxmb Cxre gives voice to the child inside as it involves the excavation of thoughts, memories and feelings imprinted on the body.

This research asks “which sounds are alive in the body, and which ones are sleeping? What areas of my body carry which sounds? How can these sounds and textures be played with in ways that meet my capacity today?” Through researching the archive of the body and how it stores sounds and texture in the voice, there is the capacity to unveil multiple voices and therefore multiple selves all living in the house of one body. Taking these sounds out of the context in which they were birthed makes space for transformation.

Throughout the course of one week, participants will experience working solo, in pairs, as well as in a group dynamic. Exercises are built to give participants new pathways of movement through their own bodies - and acknowledge the power of external forces that implicate themselves in to the decision making processes of their bodies. The voice is used as a driving force for movement as well as a tool to awaken from the inside out. Waters in the body are moved through the vibrational force of the voice to soften the body and stimulate the back brain's capacity for improvisation. Information from this workshop draws from Qigong, Alexander Technique, Gyrokinesis, and Be's personal movement research.


Workshops are based in play and pleasure. Be's practice is trauma informed and ever evolving with ongoing feedback. Be seeks to create a queer, trans, fat positive, and anti-racist environment. Using tone as language is a diasporic act of resistance to colonial language(s) and the loss of our mother tongue(s). Wxmb Cxre encourages the converging of life experiences to produce a language unique to each participant. As a mixed race settler Be is ever searching for ways of decolonizing their practice. Strategies are ever shifting, ongoing and encourage feedback.

Territorial Acknowledgment:

This practice will be taking place on Indigenous lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations in the city most commonly known as Vancouver. It is with simultaneous gratitude and grief that Be has the opportunity of gathering people together for this practice. Acknowledging the land beneath our feet and the first people to call this land home is an everlasting journey to embodied intersectionality. It is an honour to hold space for people whose ancestors have committed violence to one another with the desire to unlearn and decolonize through the technology of our bodies.

$80-140 sliding scale

Free to folks Indigenous to Turtle Island

Scholarships available for QTBIPOC.

Drop in Monday/Monday Tuesday: $22/$44

about Be:

Moving between sound and performance, Be Heintzman Hope is a facilitator of music, dance and embodiment ritual currently based in Tio’tia:ke, most commonly known as Montreal. In 2013, they established Wxmb Cxre, a somatic breath, voice and movement practice that centers the child inside and giving birth to oneself through preverbal gesture. They are co-founder of the Queer Body Workers Network Tio'tia:ke/MTL and have facilitated workshops for organizations such as Sherpa Centre de Recherche, Studio 303, SBC Gallery, Articule, Cinema Politica, and The Center for Gender Advocacy. They are a 3 year artist-in residence at the MAI Theater and have participated in Impulstanz's danceWEB scholarship program.

Their choreographic and facilitative work has appeared in music videos, queer post-pornography and science fiction film. Former member of the collaborative duo Psych-Ich Lie, that strung together experimental electronic music, confrontational dance performance, and wrestling tactics - they are currently in the process of developing a solo music project, focusing on a sound that can speak to those in their parents generation as well as their peers.

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