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April 25, May 23, June 13 & 20

FREE SPACE is free space. Two hours of free real-estate where dancers of all backgrounds, experiences and level are invited to come and use however they see fit. Other than respecting the shared use of the space and the people occupying it, there are no expectations on how you will use this space. There are no obligations, responsibilities, unspoken desires on how you choose to take advantage of FREE SPACE.

This is an experiment on sharing space together. Some questions I have for this experiment:

Do we know how to be together without being told? What different ways can we be together? Do we always look for/rely on a leader? Can collaboration exist without a leader? How do we use the resources and people around us to inform our own decision making?

Other questions I recognize:

Is anything really free? Is there always an unspoken expectation?

FREE SPACE is a resource to grow your practice, technically and artistically, outside of a formalized school, class or contract. The door is open to come and these two hours however you see fit, at no cost whatsoever. You are welcome to ask those that you wish to learn from to attend, and/or offer skills you wish to share with others, propose ideas, work individually, etc.

Earlier Event: April 2
Later Event: April 29