WOW introduces people to new things, extends the understanding of those who already know them, and enables dancers to deepen their existing artistic practice. 

Way Out West is an immersion: a concentrated week-long experience in physical training and somatic practices, taught by a series of outstanding guest instructors.   

WOW is expansive.  It leaves you regenerated in an unusual way.

This summer, MascallDance offers Somatic Lab #15, a rare opportunity to study with two outstanding Canadian artists, somatic educator and Continuum movement teacher Linda Rabin and Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall. 

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Dance icon Linda Rabin has changed the dance landscape in Canada.  She is an example of a real artist ,who never stops developing.   Linda accompanies artists and individuals from all walks of life in a path that promotes the realization of their personal creation process, on stage and in everyday life.  Her practice is enriched by 50 years of dance, teaching, coaching and management experience. She will offer intensive classes in Continuum movement, which can change how you think about space, sound and movement.

Teaching Experiential Anatomy, Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall leads the student through an intricate and expansive experience of the body's systems and their potential for movement. The course is directly rooted in her studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, developer of Body Mind Centering.  Both Rabin and Mascall are certified teachers of Body Mind Centering (c).       

The intensive takes place at the MascallDance Studio, 1130 Jervis in Vancouver's West End.  

WAY OUT WEST 2018  /  Somatic Lab # 15 

August 6, 7, 8,  9, 10, 2018

$25/ Class = $100 a day;

$450 for full 5 day Workshop.

Scholarships available

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