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This weeklong movement intensive takes place annually at our spacious, high-ceiling'd studio in Vancouver's West End during the third week of August. 

The Faculty addresses a selection of movement practices that includes Experiential Anatomy, Technique Classes, and regularly spans other areas of training.  

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2017 Way Out West 14th Annual summer movement intensive

August 21 – 25

$25/ Technique Class = $100 a day; $500 for full Workshop;

Scholarships available




10-12 LOKETO with Zab Maboungou / Accompanist:  Albert St Albert Smith



5-6 QI GONG with Wen Wei Wang




Zab Maboungou:


Accompanied by Albert St. Albert Smith

Drawing on the rhythmic foundations of African dances and musical forms, Maboungou has developed LOKETO, a technique which identifies and accesses breath pathways applied to principles of movement, developing presence in space, flexibility, rhythmic and physical endurance. Through principles linked to breath, weight and balance, the class provides an introduction to basic principles of African dance, the theory and practice of posture principles and rhythmic endurance.


Jennifer Mascall:


This two hour class will focus on the physical systems that activate the torso. It will play with the imagistic life of the vulnerable diamond from Grotowski’s work. We will look at how the ribcage affects performance, legibility, posture and uplift. No previous experience necessary.


Lee Su Feh:


This class explores our autonomic nervous system as the foundation for moving and dancing. Inspired by Su-Feh’s study and training in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, the class uses Tremorwork® as a tool to connect with our bio-intelligence, to discover gravity as a partner, and to tune in to pathways in the spaces in and out of the body. We will explore listening to ourselves even as we listen to and dance with others. In all this, the voice will be present as a vital partner in movement.


Wen Wei Wang:


Qi Gong (Life Energy Cultivation) is a holistic system of movement, breathing and meditation. Here, the practice is informed by elements of Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Peking Opera and ballet technique. Through improvisation, breathing and release technique we will explore the unique movements to express emotional meanings of the body and mind.



Lee Su Feh

A performer, choreographer, teacher and dramaturge, Lee Su Feh has spent the last 30 years exploring the human body as a site of intersecting habits and histories. Born and raised in Malaysia, her early training began with a mix of traditional and contemporary South-east Asian dance and theatre. Since then, she has studied contemporary performance in Europe and North America with a variety of teachers and has, along the way, developed a somatic approach to interdisciplinary performance deeply influenced by her lifelong studies in Chinese martial arts, Qigong and Daoism. She is also a certified teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®. She brings all this to her teaching, which is based on a deep belief in the importance and radicality of self-care. Her intention is to impart this ethos, along with the requisite tools and strategies, to students, so that the development of their instrument is rooted in compassion for self and others. Lee Su-Feh is the Artistic Director of battery opera performance, a company she leads in partnership with David McIntosh.

Zab Maboungou

is a choreographer, performer, philosopher, writer, and teacher who began studies as a child in Congo Brazzaville. Since that time Maboungou has ceaselessly studied the traditional dance and musical forms of Africa, with African dance masters such as Lucky Zebila (France) and Babatunde Olatunji (USA). Integrating traditional and traditional-modern formations and ballets of Central, West and East Africa, she engages in a contemporary creative process, aiming to confront movement in its’ intrinsic capacity to express what she calls “our situation in the world”. The result is an acute, musical and rhythmic body language, rooted, vigorous and stripped down, taking clear, multiple pathways. This has been created on the world’s greatest stages and some of its’ smallest, in Canada, USA, Korea, Italy, Germany, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mexico, etc. Zab is the founding artistic director of Nyata Nyata, located in Montreal, Quebec.

Jennifer Mascall founding artistic director of MascallDance, is the creator of over 200 choreographic works. Following an international solo career and work in New York City, she and post-modernist colleagues sought ways to create, develop and produce works, leading to the founding of Experimental Dance And Music, a group of seven independent artists in Vancouver. Her craft developed swiftly through EDAM’s activities and frequent commissions. “The recipient of numerous awards, Mascall continues to amaze and challenge audiences today” (Dance Collections Danse). A voracious creator and advocate for dance, Mascall is also a certified practitioner of Body Mind Centering, a Hatha Yoga teacher, director, interdisciplinary creator, mentor and teacher. She has developed a training structure employing experiential anatomy in tandem with the physical requirements of professional performance training.

Wen Wei Wang

began dancing professionally in China. In 1991 he came to Canada and joined the Judith Marcuse Dance Company and Ballet British Columbia. He received the Clifford E. Lee choreographic Award and the Rio Tinto Alcan and the Isadora Awards for Choreography.He is the founding artistic director of Wen Wei Dance. His works have toured across Canada, and has presented works at the International Dance Festival in Vancouver. Dancing on the Edge Festival, the Canada Dance Festival and the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Columbia, South America. The company has performed at the Venice Biennale Festival in Italy and in the Beijing National Performing Arts Centre and The Shanghai Grand Theatre With the Beijing Modern Dance Company in China. Wen Wei has choreographed eight full- length works for Wen Wei Dance. He has also choreographed for Alberta Ballet, Ballet Jorgen, Ballet B C, North West Dance Projects, Portland, U S, Les Ballets Jazz des Montreal, Arts Umbrella and SFU. He has choreographed the dance sections for the Vancouver Opera and the San Francisco Opera for Nixon in China. He received the RBC top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award 2013. Recently he has worked with the National Performing Arts Centre of China for the theatre company for “Hamlet”. Wen Wei is an Associate Dance Artist of the National Arts Centre.

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