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TECHNIQUE 10:00 - 11:30am


Through intense research with 22 dancers, Jennifer has developed a Body-Mind Centering technique class® where dancers will be ready for rehearsal, grounded, and work more internally than visually.

The Vision: a technique class that uses somatic ideas, uses multiple physical systems, that works more internally than visually, grounding and readying dancers for rehearsal.

The Class: Experience with taking class required. The class develops organ support, internal rhythms, distal -proximal push and pull patterns, use of glands for jumping. Sources developmental patterns as a foundation. Stand up center barre through crossing the floor.  Live accompaniment.



Jennifer trained for four years as a Body-Mind Centering practitioner in the nineties under Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

The Vision: To research the endocrine system and investigate how it alters performance range and capabilities.

The Class: Find the gland, feel it. Sound it, dance from there. Research its possibilities. Lots of hands-on partner work.  Slow, often quiet, embodied, informative.


Jennifer’s training in improvisation was on the job as she toured internationally doing solo improvisation in the early years of the 80’s. Seven years of contact improvisation training and 30 years of training with Linda Putnam create the basis for her body of work of improvisation with the Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club, an improvisation research ensemble that researches scores in site specific locations.

The Vision: To train dancers to access at will their full range of communicative abilities.

The Class:  We will look at impulses, researching their arrival and departures from different points of view. Space between people and the thickness of boundaries will be studied. States, the places where there is no doubt. Invisible strength.

Dancers will research, and they will dance.


PERFORMANCE: 4:10 - 5:20pm

For two years Jennifer danced in Lazy Madge, in an improvisational choreography directed and choreographed by Douglas Dunn. Based on this she continues to pursue the definition of choreography as the boundaries within which you improvise.

The Vision: Sometimes we can't yet see the thing needing to be expressed; we have to find it or circumstances force it.
Other times it comes out because we haven't noticed it was there chomping, pushing, impatient and there are other times when we have savoured a physical thought and we wait for the time and the situation to bring out.

The Class: Perception, from the inside out and the outside in. Abstract and specific tools to bring the experiential anatomy into focus in the room.

DROP INS welcome. $15/class


YOGA 5:25 - 6:20pm

As a 30-year practitioner of Hatha Yoga, Jennifer is a trained yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition, having trained in 2004 and more recently in 2012 in Madurai, India. She studies yoga with teacher Marie Allison.

The Vision: At the time of day when there is a lull, warm down and refresh the next 8 hours.

The Class: A warm down, with full stretching relaxation and pranayama. Bring mats if you have them.

Drop ins welcome. $15/class


WOW develops individual plans according to your schedule.

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Early Bird

Available until June 19 @ 5:00 PST: $425 + HST

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Cooked Bird

Available June 20 - August 19: $525 + HST

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Drop In Rate

Drop in rate of $15/class available for Technique, Performance and Yoga Classes only.
Bring cash or cheque.

Technique Classes Only

$50 + HST for all five classes

* drop in available

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Experiential Classes Only

$100 + HST for all five classes

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Experiential Classes + Improvisation Classes

$200 + HST for all ten classes

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Performance Classes Only

$70 + HST for all five classes

* drop in available

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Yoga Classes Only

$50 + HST for all five classes

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