The White Spider draws inspiration from Henrich Harrer's book, of the same name, which chronicles the history of the many failed attempts to scale the North Face of the Eiger Mountain, as well as the first successful ascent by Harrer's party in 1938.

Choreographer Jennifer Mascall's The White Spider is an innovative blend of traditional dance moves and mountain climbing athletics. Five dancers climb, rappel and dance the walls and ceiling of a set that shifts and changes like the abstract face of a mountain. This production is a fusion of dance, sculptural installation, site-specific musical composition and mountaineering. Mascall employs a model of cooperative ensemble creation and improvisation inspired by and echoing Harrer and his team.

Choreographer: Jennifer Mascall
Set Designed by Sculptor Alan Storey
Music composed by Jeff Corness

Review of The White Spider

Photographs by  Tim Matheson and Chris Randle

The White Spider Dancers

Sasha Klapkiw
Ziyan Kwan
Alisoun Payne
Brandy Baybutt
Clinton Draper

Dancers who have helped with the creation:

Chengxin Wei
Thoenn Glover
Natalie Blanchet
Marissa Gomez
Lina Fitzner
Ron Stewart
Susan Kania