In September 2011, characteristically finding unexpected ways to show us dance, the Pendulum Gallery on Georgia housed an unusual exhibition where passers-by wandered through a forest of costumes with MP3 players,  listening to stories that told the biography not of a dance, not of a choreographer, but of a costume.  

Here the live performance was the tour itself,  led by recollections from performers of the life and times of the dance, in creation and performance.  

Two remarkable artists from theatre made the exhibition come alive. Catherine Hahn designed mannequins from pieces of cardboard and storyteller daughter Riel Hahn whimsically took anecdotes from behind the scenes on a flight of fancy. REMNANTS OF MEMORY was a cumulative portrait built of  a thousand details and perspectives.  Riel Hahn said "it all centers around Vancouver being a place for rogues in all arts forms, where new ideas are born from a desire to break old molds." Audiences are accustomed to MascallDance renovating their perceptions of  dance and REMNANTS OF MEMORY is no exception. Catherine Hahn explained that in her career she has always found new ways to use materials but that "cardboard now ain't what it used to be. “The fibres are now so ground the essential structure of cardboard has changed.”

Mascall’s newest solo, The Outliner - for brilliant dancer, Jung Ah Chung was inspired by the costume Hahn  designed for the exhibition. The Korean/Canadian dancer is the recent recipient of a prize that sent her to collaborate with artists in Korea. At rehearsals open to the public during the office tower’s lunch hour, Monday-thursday 130am-1pm sept 12-15 munching audience members were offered a rare chance to glimpse choreographerJennifer Mascall at work with JungAh and composer David Mesiha.   The solo premiered at a special celebration of the exhibition on September 15th.