Sacred Dance Series

Sacred Dances is a way for us to partner with our neighbour, the St. Paul's church in the West End of Vancouver, as Mascall Dance has shared its residency for 16 years in this beautiful space. For the past two years, Mascall Dance has danced four times a year during the services, to a reading of a scripture of the Reverend's choice. In the Sacred Dances, Jennifer is researching how movement communicates meaning via a bridge of words.

We have also danced for other church's services in Vancouver's West End Community and in Nanaimo, BC, and welcome partnerships with other churches. A booking includes: A meeting with the reader, and one rehearsal in the church.

While the choreographer waives her fee, Mascall Dance pays for the rehearsal time with the dancers and the dancers do receive an honorarium.

If you would like to book Mascall Dance to come to your Church Service for a reading, please contact: or 604-669-9337

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

1130 Jervis Street, Vancouver, BC
The service times are 11:00 am each Sunday.

For more information on St. Paul’s Anglican Church please visit:

Upcoming Performance dates are: (TBC)

First Sunday in Advent
Third Sunday in Lent
Eleventh Sunday in Pentecost