Wednesday, March 15 1:30 p.m. (matinée)
Thursday, March 16  8:00 p.m.
Friday, March 17  8:00 p.m.

John Paul II Centre, 2200 – 25th Avenue

General Admission: $25
Student Rate: $18
Children (under 12): $10

Find more information on MascallDance's visit to Saskatchewan at New Dance Horizon's website HERE

RON STEWART joins New Dance Horizons as guest faculty, leading yoga sessions at NDH 7-8:30 PM on MONDAYS March 6,13,20

MascallDance offers a workshop 9-12noon Saturday March 11 at Dance Saskatchewan Inc.  INFO  205A Pacific Avenue, Saskatchewan SK S7K 1N9

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From prolific Isadora Award-winner Jennifer Mascall comes a new choreographic work at the ignition point of dance and design. The Vancouver Sun hails The Outliner’s 2016 premiere as “a glimpse into the fertile, iterative, gloriously unfinished practice of one of this town’s most unique creative forces.”

A smash with Vancouver audiences, reviewer Peter Dickinson calls the evening “truly exceptional in its conceptual rigour and technical execution, a multi-disciplinary study in the myriad ways we dance with things”. Now, The Outliner appears on Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg with an outstanding cast.

2016 Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Robin Poitras is described by The Globe and Mail as “one of Canada’s finest dancers”. In addition to her inimitable performance in The Outliner, Poitras has collaborated with choreographer Mascall and Vancouver designer Nathan Wiens to create a solo featured in the evening.

Poitras shares The Outliner stage with 2016 TAF Emerging Artist Award winner Benjamin Kamino, well known to Regina audiences. Kamino, a former curator of Dancemakers, is a compelling creator, performer, and a passionate teacher who has performed with a host of companies and collaborators, including Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Pigeons International, and Aszure Barton and Artists. Longtime MascallDance associate Ron Stewart’s career as a performer has earned him a place among the most respected male contemporary dancers Canada has produced. Stewart has collaborated extensively in Regina; he is an accomplished movement educator, the director of Skyclad Yoga. Eoywnn Penny-Huguet, an up and coming Vancouver dance artist on the first tour of her promising career, rounds out the quartet.

Stefan Smulovitz, MascallDance’s resident composer for the past six years, has created more than ten compositions for the company. Here he creates accompanying scores for each solo. A stellar list of collaborating designers includes Alan Storey, Nathan Wiens, Catherine Hahn, Ines Ortner, Susan Berganzi among others.

MascallDance creates a suspended and magical kingdom inhabited by fantastical beings and unexpected events. Ten solos danced by four performers reveal four decades of choreographic inquiry. Each choreography features a dancer wearing an architecturally devised costume: some appear like creatures, others contraptions. All are extensions of an idea of the body. Each offers glimpses of Mascall’s adventurous choreographic thinking over many years, intimately encountered from shifting perspectives.

Dancer and garment delineate lines and volumes in space, rendering the invisible visible and revealing what we understand and communicate about the body in space.In the words of reviewer Tessa Perkins: “Mascall’s innovation in both costumes that serve as props and choreography that seems entirely fresh make her a master dance maker.“