Choreographer Jennifer Mascall reflects on discoveries during eighteen years of choreographic research leading to the genesis of a dance called Homewerk. 

This is a humorous, candid and poetic description of a particular thread of ideas as seen and studied by the artist: from house to home and from walls to the invisible space between people – inspiration, creation and perspiration abound.

Mascall is a passionate artist and a highly original communicator with a perspective to share. Nail to House connects with university and adult audiences.

Available in two formats: A) Stand-alone evening (65:00), lecture, intermission, followed by discussion of dance and art facilitated by Mascall. (Single performance fee: $3,500.00 negotiable). B) Combined evening: Homewerk, intermission, Nail to House (35:00). (Single performance fee: $2,500.00 negotiable).

For more information contact company manager Andrea Rabinovitch 604 689 9337