photog: Rafal Gerszak</p>
	billy marchenski + stefan smulovitz (viola)</p>
	billy marchenski, darcy mcmurray</p>
	photog: Yvonne Chew</p>
	billy marchenski, darcy mcmurray, justine chambers</p>
	photog: Yvonne Chew</p>

In the past year, NGJC has appeared at Word On the Street, Christmas Craft Fairs, nightclubs, poetry readings, album release parties, nightclubs, gardens, bistros, salons....among many locations.   

The Nijinksy Gibber Jazz Club engages in a process we call Public Research.

It works something like this:

Take a group of brilliant improvisers at the top of their game:  Justine Chambers, Billy Marchenski, Darcy McMurray, Amber Funk-Barton, Chris Wright, Lara Barclay and musician/composer Stefan Smulovitz for example, our most recent members.

Add 1 canny choreographer concocting devious, outside-the-box scores.

Result? witty, current, spontaneous dance just when you least expect it,
in public places around the City of Vancouver. Near you.

Listen in on a conversation with participating artists at TALK

Offer friends in your community an immediate way to engage with artistic process. While art is frequently removed from the spectator and shown only as display in final form, Mascall and the NGJC are interested in engaging in an open dialogue with our audiences, reaching beyond our loyal and accustomed viewers to those less familiar with dance.

Tasty Teasers

at the VAG's FUSE II

at the VAG's FUSE I

at Bloom May 26

at Bloom May 14

at Flame, Cottage Bistro

at Verses festival of words 

at Bloom Feb 26

at Bloom Feb 19

with Mary Gavin, storyteller

at Blim holiday market

at the Caprice night club

Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club Poster on left:
Dancers:  Chris Wright, Darcy McMurray,  Director Jennifer Mascall  Word On The Street Festival                       Photography/ Poster Design  Susan McKenzie,