Garden Dances, a series of site specific events in gardens, has presented dance community artists, including that of Jennifer Mascall.

About Garden Dances

In July 2002, Mascall Dance launched Garden Dances.  A celebration of gardens and dance, the roots of our concept grow from another well-established and successful celebration - The Secret Garden Tour, which was developed by our colleagues, New Dance Horizons of Regina. Garden Dances fast became an annual tradition.

The series involved sixty or more performers, performing in as many as ten West Vancouver homes and gardens annually.  A feast of an afternoon, with refreshments and art to enjoy as audiences stroll through the unique beauties of neighbouring gardens. the series ran for 6 years and has since been in a hiatus.  Audiences appreciated afternoons and evenings enjoying the allure of dappled light, shade and fresh air the tantalizing gardens in lesser known corners of Vancouver's western shore,  decorated tastefully and unexpectedly by dance.   

In our most recent Garden Dances, a Caulfield residence teemed with the wit and mystery of dance inside and out, when the talented and versatile dancers of the Mascall Dance Co. filled a glorious West Vancouver home with site-specific dance. The success of this event led us to begin interpreting homes as well as gardens through dance.

Volunteers are at the centre of Garden Dances, an indispensable part of the production; so if you would like to be a part of the inner workings of this delightful event, please let us know.

The Garden Dance Dancers

Sophie Allison
Jessye Ashworth
Sarah Coffin
Jennifer Clarke
Emma Fitzgerald
Claire French
Silvia Gertudix
Katy Harris-MacLeod
Jennifer Macleish Lewis
Dean Makarenko
Tanya Marquardt
Ruby Rowat
Kira Schaeffer
Ron Stewart
Olivia Thorvaldson
Jeannie Vanderkerhove
Imogen White