The premiere round of W, a new collective dance-making process, took place in Spring 2016, under the title GRAFT.  

Read about this project below:

A BLOOM off-shoot, GRAFT is a new collective dance-making process to unleash your inner creative director. 


This is your personal invitation to witness and influence the creative process of dance-making online.

Starting in January 2016,
check out weekly short video posts
of choreographer Jennifer Mascall’s dance in development.

Then it's your turn:

we'll prompt you to respond
with your suggestions, images, questions.
Jennifer will integrate your suggestions
in her next rehearsal, and we'll share results with you -
along with the next prompt for the collective dance creation.

Here’s your chance to make a dance without responsibility -
no renting studios, no scheduling dancers, no critics…
you don’t even have to leave your eggnog!

The process culminates in a studio showing
where you can watch your creative directorship
unfold in real time.  


Register at: