Body Mind Centering® is a form of experiential anatomy.  It teaches a  method of researching into the body, ways of doing hands on work, and as a choreographer I see that it has the possibility to change the experience of the audience in a performance.  I have seen its value with any student from any walk of life, though the focus of Mascall Dance is for the professional dancer.

In the classes we study the anatomy of the body and work towards  isolating and feeling the working of individual parts.  Consequently the study is also on focus.  Feedback and individual research also contribute to the research of the group.

Mascall leads sessions on a particular system, one on one private hands on sessions and uses BMC as a creative source for dance making.

One week Intensive
To be announced
Class time: 9:45 - 12:45 Monday - Friday
Fee $300.

Look for upcoming community classes.
Classes will be ongoing, and will include Mums and Tots Dance, Children's Creative Movement, and a Community Dance Troupe.  Jennifer Mascall will also teach Yoga, Body Mind Centering®, and Tots Brain Dancing.  Schedule will be designed by Corinne Durocher and released soon.