Join us Feb 19th and 26th for an hour of Dance, Comedy, and Wine!
Tuesdays @ 5:30pm
1130 Jervis St


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Bloom Residencies provide creators with studio space, colleagues, and Jennifer Mascall mentorship support through The Choreographic Toolkit, led by Jennifer from March 4th-6th, 10am-1pm, as well as scheduled one-on-one sessions with Jennifer attending each choreographer's rehearsal. Participants will also receive a split of any ticket revenues from the two showings.

BLOOM: BRIDGE will run from March 4th to April 9th. The focus of this bloom is a bridge into the professional world. Choreographers will have access to Mascall Dance Studios M-Th 9:45am-6:30pm. 1-2 choreographers will be responsible for leading a practice sharing session for the cohort each week, attended by all participating choreographers. As Bloom is an opportunity to practice the art of communicating ideas, solos are not permitted in Bloom.

The resulting short works-in-progress (5 minutes) are presented to an informal audience in two public showings in the round, accompanied by a selection of wines curated by a sommelier, a comic commentary and a structured audience conversation in the abundant studio space of MascallDance at St.Paul's Heritage Church Hall.

Please fill out the below application by midnight on February 18th, 2019.